Lactae Hevea

Organic and Comfortable

Our soles are cast by hand in the southeast of France. They consist of the natural milk of the rubber tree (Hevea) which is harvested in plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam with sustainable methods.

Reltex has developed a process for producing a unique and high strength microstructure. The rubber milk is poured into steel molds, where it coagulates in about 40 minutes. The molded soles are then water-quenched in a cold bath and left in it for one day. They are then placed in a hot air dryer for 24 hours before returning to cold water for washing. Finally, the soles of the shoes are dried for about a week.

This elaborate, completely manual process is unique in the world, takes around 8 days per pair of soles and guarantees gentle hardening. During the process, the water, that is contained in the milk, evaporates and creates a capillary structure consisting of tiny air bubbles. This makes Lactae Hevea soles unparalleled in their comfort and also very resistant to abrasion.

For us, they are simply the best soles in the world.

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