Heinen Leder

Sustainable produced leather

The upper leather for our Derby is a waterproofed, mineral-tanned cowhide to Terracare standards. It is robust, easy to clean and offers a very good breathability despite high water resistance.

The majority of commercially available leather is produced in the Far East. This means not only cheaper labor costs, but, above all, hardly any regulations in the use of chemicals and dyes, as well as low protection during processing. Very often, pre-tanned raw materials from the Far East are later refined in Europe and thus get its "Made in" seal. Quite generally speaking, the German leather industry is called the cleanest in the world due to its strict regulations.

We purchase our upper leather from one of the last full-scale tanneries in Central Europe, the Heinen leather factory in Wegberg, Germany. Heinen has been producing at this site since 1891 and is a pioneer in sustainable leather production. Heinen was the first tannery in the world to receive the ECOL certificate for energy-efficient leather production and has been awarded the highest gold award in the Leather Working Group. The raw hides come from Germany or the immediate vicinity and can be traced without gaps.

Heinen guarantees us high-quality, technically sophisticated leather, which is produced environmentally friendly under high social standards.

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